Cryptocurrencies/bitcoin consultancy.

If you are new to bitcoin and crypto, you may need clarifications or have your concerns validated, on simple matters e.g. using wallets, sending transactions etc..

You may make your question and go into a scheduled 10′ (video or audio) call where you get your simple answer.

This is not an offer to consult on trading or other more complicated issues. If you find yourself making such a question, most likely you will be offered a custom order.

This is a service that may assist you in understanding this new technology, how to use it and perhaps the players and components involved in general. Having your questions answered may also provide a better overview of whether and how you may take advantage of it in your daily life.

Consultancy for bitcoin over the counter trades.

I will provide consultancy on issues relating to bitcoin over the counter trades.

Cryptocurrency trading setup.

This service is for anyone trying to figure out how to enter into cryptocurrency trading. Depending on how experienced the client may be, and what his needs are, I may provide consultancy based on own experience.