Startups Valuation introduction.

I will hold a training session with you of no more than 40 minutes. During that time, I will present to you the main startups Valuation methods used. There will be a few minutes left for questions.

The training takes place based on a text presented at the same time, so the client has the ability to use it as a reference in the future. A brief discussion is held to point to strengths and weaknesses of each method.

Nevertheless, this is an introduction to Valuation and not a thorough examination or in depth presentation. Its purpose is to familiarize yourself with the related terms and requirements of the most critical and demanding task as a startup (co)founder, the Valuation. The objective is, after the session to feel more confident in selecting a Valuation method for your startup and have the necessary understanding to deploy your arguments in favor of your choice.

You may always book additional training sessions to follow up this training. Request a custom offer, placing your questions in advance so as to prepare for it.

Method of delivery: video call.