Pitch deck

Pitch deck development.

I will develop with you a pitch deck for your startup or other project. You will still be involved since there is always the (co)founder’s personality that has to be reflected on it. Also, there is a lot of information that need to be included and the only one holding it is the (co)founder. A document collaboration platform is necessary and a few video calls to communicate in a more efficient way, when necessary.

Pitch deck review.

This service is for startup or other projects. A good pitch deck may be your ticket to an interview with investors or a sales deal, where you get to present your concept, hoping they will invest or buy.

I will review your pitch deck and produce a report to bring your attention to all the matters that need so. For this to happen, I will need your startup’s website, if available, and any documentation that you may have, where you explain your concept in a little bit more detail, e.g. an executive summary from your business plan.

The possibility to sign a non disclosure agreement is possible, so that you may request this service with peace of mind that your confidential information is safe.