Startups Programme

The startups programme participants receive the following assistance:

  1. Value proposition canvas.
  2. Lean model canvas.
  3. Business plan.
  4. Financial projections.
  5. Pitch deck.
  6. Valuation.
  7. Credits & savings from a pool of existing programme partners.
  8. Mentoring.
  9. Option to activate consultancy to create a fundraising campaign and promote it to investors that match the startup’s profile. This feature is activated in coordination with me, if certain criteria are met.

The startups programme aspires to be inclusive. This mean that the only selection criteria applied is the founder’s commitment to their startup. A symbolic fee of the equivalent to $1 is applied.

Web portal.

The startups programme is now completely delivered through a web portal introduced in January 2022. At the moment registration if free of charge and anyone may register. The content is addressed to startups founders and it include courses, product and services presentation, startup programme’s partners and many more.

If you are interested in to know more about the programme and maybe even participate as a founder at some point in time, then register and make sure to leave notifications on, so as you receive all updates.


You may use the contact form to get more information on the program’s terms and related procedure in order to take advantage of it.